Brand thinking is "cost" and "investment"!

When it comes to the word "brand", the answers are always varied, even thousands of people, each with a different understanding. This is because the technology of language is always defective, so the company must first have its own corporate dictionary. . Brand is not only a cultural phenomenon, but also a business concept and a marketing term. It must first be a business concept, or once the cultural phenomenon is mentioned first, it will be over, and many people will go sideways and talk about brand culture.

The secret of retail space?

Nowadays, most brands are facing such problems: the brand terminal image cannot keep up with the times, and the cost has become larger and larger, but the performance has not improved. It is time to conceptualize your terminal sales power. Our prediction is that the channel ’s The era of “resource competition” has gradually passed. A new “retail power competition” generation has arrived. The theme of the brand chain in the next era is not rapid development of quantity, but how to establish a unique brand retail image, how to improve on-site sales force and establish strong advantages, which will become the key to a decisive victory. Today, premium channels are more welcome to "high retail power" brands, not just "high visibility" brands.

Development trend of packaging in the next 10 years

The field of brand marketing has always been a battleground for businessmen, and there have been divergent opinions. The development of the industry has been even more controversial. Various model deductions and method theories have been flying around. Not really cut. Why is this? Because language technology itself is flawed. When everyone has different definitions and standards for a word, you say your truth, and I say my truth, it is difficult to reach a consensus. In the past 13 years, Barton has been accompanying brand customers in various industries in the process of achieving effective growth. He has also continuously learned from the excellent experience inside and outside the industry to form his own unique brand marketing method.

Competition status of Chinese paper product packaging and printing industry in 2019

First of all, at the beginning of brand design, we are a team with the customer. Only through full cooperation can we achieve the required brand design excellently. We can be your brand vice President, but also your brain team, your familiarity with the product is what we need to learn, and our brand design experience and creativity, can also be Shared with you. Our cooperation is to achieve a goal portrait, and brand building, brand IP design, brand planning or brand design transformation, space design and so on.

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High-end customized  gift paper box&bag.  |  Focus on R & D, design and manufacture of paper packaging.  |  Professional customer experience to your clients. 

High-end customized  gift paper box&bag. 

Focus on R & D, design and manufacture of paper packaging.  

Professional customer experience to your clients.